December 3, 2020
Headshots of the DSW students and alumni, and the SSW faculty, who presented at the virtual 2020 CSWE Annual Program Meeting.

2020 has been a year of adjusting to new realities, and the 2020 Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Annual Program Meeting was no exception. This year, CSWE held a virtual Annual Program Meeting, and our Doctorate of Social Work program hosted a virtual reception.

Despite new challenges and added stressors, eight current DSW students, eight DSW alumni and four School of Social Work faculty members presented at the meeting. These presenters were a testament to the dedication of our students, alumni and faculty for advancing social work education.

Student, Alumni and Faculty Presentations

Current DSW students:

  • Monique Apple: “Integrating Indigenous Values Systems into Social Work Curriculum: Lakota Social Work Education Session”
  • Luis Curiel: “Bridging to Promote Equitable and Inclusive Academic and Field Education Success” and “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: MFP Perspectives as Students and Faculty”
  • Meg Dejon-Shier: “A Rural Partnership Model to Teach Diversity in Field Practicum”
  • Lynetta Mathis: “Field Education Perceptions of and Practices with Students with Mental Health Concerns” (poster)
  • Kate McClernon-Chaffin: “Professional Self-Care & Mentoring in the Midst of a Pandemic”
  • ZaDonna Slay: “Unmasking the Psychological Impacts of Structural Challenges Confronting Black Women Faculty” and “Stepping into the Borderlands: Anti-oppression Dialogues Grounded in Critical Race Theory” (co-presentation with colleagues)
  • Carolyn Tolette: “Working with Rural Volunteer First Responders in a Culturally Informed Manner” (poster)
  • Beth Young: Decreasing Stigma by Addressing Student Beliefs Toward Addictive Disorders

DSW alumni:

  • Ben Bencomo and Retchenda George-Bettisworth: “Antiracism: Learning from Social Work’s History and Planning for the Future” (panel)
  • Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein: “Pedagogical Strategies for Incorporating Environmental Justice into the Social Work Classroom”
  • Jamie Langlois: “Social Justice Begins with Me! Literatura Infantil, Concientización Y Trabajo Social”
  • Kristin Lambert Ashton: “Identifying Social Work’s Unique Characteristics to Strengthen Clinical Students’ Professional Identity” (poster)
  • Leah Prussia: “Effectively Leading Critical Conversations for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”
  • Carey Winkler: “Centering Diverse Ways of Knowing: A Self and Community of Care Model” (poster)
  • C.J. Wright: “How Could Trauma-informed Correctional Care Support Smart Decarcerartion?”

SSW faculty:

  • Tonya Horn: “Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Abuse Among Karen Refugee Youth”
  • Ande Nesmith: “False Allegations and Caseworker Conflict: Enhancing Foster Parent Resiliency and Retention” (poster) and “Environmental Justice Curriculum Guide: Values, Coursework, and Community Intersect in Practice”
  • Katharine Hill: “Felony Disenfranchisement: Social Work’s Call to Action”
  • Renee Hepperlen: “Models of Equity and Inclusion for Social Work Students with Disabilities”