November 12, 2018
Quincy Dinnerson CSWE APM 2018
Quincy Dinnerson, DSW '18, Eposter presentation

What a great showing by our doctoral students, alumni and SSW faculty! We had 27 students and alums (12 of whom were presenting) and 7 faculty members at the 2018 Council on Social Work Education's Annual Program Meeting (APM) in Orlando, November 8 - 11.  Clearly a school participation record - well done all!  Looking forward to another great year in Denver in 2019...

Student and Alumni Presentations

  • Anne Adcock, DSW ’17, Panel: Let's be Honest - The Academic Integrity of Online Classrooms is Under Assault
  • Ben Bencomo, DSW class of ’19, Oral Presentation: Foster Youth Transitioning into Higher Education: Applying a Sociocultural and Situative Lens
  • Gabriel Carrillo, DSW class of ’19, Eposter: Conceptual Model for Culturally Informed Reentry of U.S. Trained International Social Workers
  • Quincy  Dinnerson, DSW ’18, Eposter: Factors African-American Men Identify as Hindering the Completion of a Graduate Degree
  • Angela Goins, DSW ’18, Oral Presentation: Are Social Work Field Practicum Costs a Social and Economic Justice Issue?
  • Stephanie Grant, DSW ’18, Eposter: How History Informs Social Work Practice: Interprofessional Collaboration in Military Contexts
  • Janet Holter, DSW ’18, Oral presentation: Development of the Signature Pedagogy: Themes in Social Work Field Education 1950-1960
  • Terri Klemm, DSW ’18, Oral presentation: Social responsibility in social work: The philosophy of Marion Hathway; Panel: Envisioning the Futures of Social Work
  • Cheryl Pooler, DSW class of ’19, Eposter: Social Work and Homeless Youth in the Progressive Era
  • Jean Roberson, DSW class of ’19, Eposter: Simulation in field: A strategy for developing social work and IPE competencies
  • Katie Terry, DSW class of ’19, Eposter: Neurodiversity: the New Cultural Competency in Social Work Education
  • Janet Vizina-Roubal, DSW ’17, Oral presentation: Keeping IPE in Focus: A Unique Collaboration between Social Work and Optometry

Faculty Presentations

  • Kari Fletcher, Associate Professor and MSW Program Director, Eposter: Oral Health in Student Service Members and Veterans: Short and Long-Term Implications
  • Katharine Hill, Associate Professor and BSW Program Director, Oral Presentation: Working Together: Micro and Macro Social Workers for Social Justice; Hot Topics Panel: Voting is Social Work; Panel: Scholarly Productivity in Institutions with High Teaching Loads
  • Lisa Richardson, Director of MSW Field Education and Associate Professor, Eposter: Making the case for field education through interprofessional research and collaboration

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