2015 BSW Poster Sessions Highlight the Diversity and Impact of Field Education Placements

March 18, 2015 / By: Cindy Lorah
BSW Field Education Poster Session 2015
2015 BSW Field Education Poster Session

On March 10 & 11, a representation of juniors and seniors showcased their field education experiences for our campus communities at St. Kate's and St. Thomas.  BSW students gain real-world experience during 600 hours of "field education" (juniors complete a 200-hour placement and seniors complete a 400-hour placement), learning and practicing the knowledge, values, and skills of a social worker in a wide range of community-based settings and supervised by trained, agency-based social workers.  Students practice skills such as:

•  Advocacy               •  Community Outreach

•  Group Work           •  Communication & Interviewing

•  Problem-Solving    •  Strengths-based Intervention and Support

Seven students participated in our  2015 poster sessions, representing placements that included a children's hospital, child protection services, an alternative public high school, a prenatal clinic, an adult intensive outpatient clinic, an adult mental health agency, and an interprofessional center for counseling and legal services.  CLICK HERE to learn about some of the highlights of these experiences and how their placements informed and shaped their professional development.