2014 Field Practice Institute Summit highlighted mental health in educational settings

August 5, 2014
2014 Field Practice Institute Summit panelists
Summit panelists (L-R): Kathy Lombardi, Heather Alden, Mary Larscheid, and Christy McCoy

Over 100 participants attended today's Field Practice Institute Summit: Emerging Issues in Social Work Practice, "Fostering mental health in an educational setting."  Christy McCoy, MSSWA President, was joined by Mary Larscheid, Kathy Lombardi, and Heather Alden to engage the attendees in an interactive dialogue about implications for micro, mezzo, and macro social work practice.  At a time when an increasing number of children with emerging mental health barriers are impairing their functioning at home, school, and the community, this was a timely and important conversation. 


Pictures from the Summit can be viewed on our Facebook page