January 5, 2018
Jane Hurley Johncox
Jane Hurley Johncox

Jane Hurley Johncox, clinical faculty, was recently one of five faculty members nationally selected for the Association of Social Work Boards’ Path to Licensure Institute. These five individuals form the inaugural group of  scholars to participate in the institute.

Much of Hurley Johncox’s work has involved professional development of social workers in the field, including coordinating student and career services and advising the MSW Student Association. The institute, designed to help schools of social work incorporate information on licensure and regulations in their curriculum, was a perfect fit.

The institute began with an intensive session at the ASWB headquarters in Virginia, during which Hurley Johncox began formalizing a Path to Licensure program for St. Kate’s – St. Thomas MSW students, building on and enhancing the current structure of licensure information sessions, LGSW exam reviews and exam preparation tailored to students from diverse backgrounds with individualized needs. Ideally, the program will result in a measureable difference in students’ understanding of the licensure process and regulation standards. After it has been established in the MSW program, it will be expanded to the BSW program.

In addition to measuring students’ knowledge of licensure and regulations at the beginning and end of the year, Hurley Johncox is engaged in a longer-term research project involving the role of supervision in ethical practice. Specifically, she is examining whether a change in supervisory hours required for licensure results in fewer ethical violations.

“People need strong, ethical advocates,” Hurley Johncox said. The Path to Licensure program can help produce those advocates.