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Film Screening: The Journey

The MSW AEIR scholars screening of The Journey, a documentary which follows a Syrian refugee family

AEIR Scholars screening of documentary which follows a refugee from Syria to the EU, followed by discussion about refugee resettlement

Date & Time:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
5:15 PM - 7:15 PM


St. Catherine University


On behalf of our AEIR students (Area of Emphasis in Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees), I thank you for your interest and participation in the screening of the film, “The Journey,” which documented the flight of some of the first families from Syria through the Balkans into Europe. We had a great discussion about how the experiences of these families were similar and/or different from those of families hoping to join us in our communities in the United States. We talked a bit about what we can do to make our communities more welcoming. We talked a bit about how we can share more accurate and accessible information with a broader swath of our community members -- with a goal and hope of supporting more pro-immigrant sentiment in the US.

We hope that you will also find useful these linked handouts which include information about the immigration process in the US, the current immigration vetting process, facts to counter common misconceptions about immigrants in the United States, and ideas for how you can help refugees and immigrants in big and small ways here in Minnesota.

In case it is helpful, I am also including this video link that very succinctly describes the political situation that led up to the current crisis in Syria and compelled asylum seekers to head to Europe. It offers information and context to the narratives that were shown in the film we viewed together:

It was a pleasure to welcome you to our campus for a fruitful and important conversation about refugees and our response to people from any part of the world who reach out to us for their safety.


Eva Solomonson, MSW, LICSW
Clinical Faculty
University of St Thomas, School of Social Work
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Program hand-outs:

More information about the Area of Emphasis in Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees can be found on the AEIR webpage»

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