Three social work students presented their community-based research at Oct. 6 Inquiry at UST poster session

BSW students Carissa Franklin, Stephanie Lien, and Ellen Mathiowetz present their community-based research
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Social work students in Prof. Katharine Hill's policy class register voters outside the School of Social Work

On October 6 & 7, social work policy students registered voters on both campuses
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Catherine Marrs Fuchel and community partners from Centro

Article by Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel and her community partner, Centro, accepted in Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work
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“Women’s Work: Women in Leadership in Social Work,” video project focused on three prominent women leaders: Dr. Barbara Shank, Dr. Angeline Barretta-Herman and Dr. Janice Andrews-Schenk.

"40-25-Launch" Celebration attendees will get first look at “Women’s Work: Women in Leadership in Social Work” video
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Members of the Area of Emphasis in Military Practice Scholars hosted the Mobile Vets Unit to the University of St. Thomas in fall of 2014

Dr. Kari Fletcher, Coordinator, Area of Emphasis in Military Practice

From Exemplars, a publication of the Grants and Research Office.

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