What is a 'Banded Dissertation'?

The St. Kate's - St. Thomas Doctorate in Social Work program's banded dissertation is a series of three critical works of scholarship that are linked by issues, theme, pedagogy, or population. The process is as follows:

During the 2nd summer residency, students complete DRSW 727: Banded Dissertation and Scholarship. As stated in the course description, students will "identify their primary area of scholarship and research inquiry and develop the proposal for their Banded Dissertation (BD)"

Two of the three banded dissertation products are completed as part of courses during the second and third year of the program (DRSW 723: Engaged Scholarship and DRSW 726: Writing for Publication).  The third product will be completed concurrent to other coursework during years 2 and 3. Students will complete all three products before graduation.

Baseline for everyone: Two distinct, solo-authored publishable articles

  • One article must be research-based and completed while in the program
  • The second may be another research-based article or a conceptually or theoretically-based article

Options for the 3rd product:

  • Option 1: A third publishable article meeting the standard of the two required articles.
  • Option 2: A peer-reviewed publishable article that takes another form such as Teaching Notes or Narrative Essay for a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Option 3: A peer-reviewed presentation at a regional, national or international conference related to social work and/or the banded dissertation focus that is completed, with documentation of materials as required within the time in the program.
  • Option 4: The development of a new BSW or MSW course with peer-reviewed documentation of all materials

Students will work with course instructors and their banded dissertation advisor to ensure their works meet the "publishable" criteria.

Banded Dissertation: Defense

The final course is DRSW 801: Banded Dissertation: Defense.  The three main components of the defense include:

  1. final in-depth review of your BD products
  2. public defense of banded dissertation to peers, instructor, Banded Dissertation advisor, faculty, and community members, either face to face or through ZOOM video conferencing
  3. revision(s) of the banded dissertation after public defense

View Our Graduates' Banded Dissertations

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