Getting Started

The DSW program will kick-off with an orientation for incoming students at an off-site conference center location.  This will be the perfect opportunity to get to know your cohort of DSW colleagues and to be introduced to the philosophy, structure, and technology of the program. Students should plan to bring their own laptop computers to orientation to participate in the technology training and to test for system compatibility.

For program technology requirements, please view the St. Thomas Online Learning Checklist»

Following orientation, students will return to the University of St. Thomas' St. Paul campus to complete the first course, DRSW 700: History of Social Work and Social Work Education. Students will have the opportunity to meet School of Social Work faculty and staff and to become familiar with the university resources that they will be using throughout the program. All students will stay in University of St. Thomas campus housing.*

Summer 2017: 

July 14-16: Orientation at Oak Ridge conference center in the Twin Cities*

July 16-28:  Course #1 - On-campus residency at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

DRSW 700: History of Social Work and Social Work Education

 * There is no cost to students for the three-day orientation and we will facilitate transportation to the off-site conference center location. During the remainder of the first-year summer residency, on campus dormitory housing will be at the University of St. Thomas' St. Paul campus, with check-in on Sunday, July 16.

** The Summer 2018 schedule will be posted following the start of the incoming 2017 cohort in late-summer.  It will generally follow the same pattern of dates in late-July of 2018.

Summer On-Campus Housing Details

The on-campus residency will be at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN campus, with on-campus residence hall housing. Residence Life determines fees on an annual basis. For 2017, students should budget $35/night. ALL students are required to participate in the residency experience. Please be aware that due to the program’s unique academic timeline, summer housing charges will appear on the tuition bill for the fall semester, following completion of residency. This ensures that you will be billed only for the number of days you are on campus. If you plan to use your financial aid assistance for residency housing, we recommend that you speak to your financial aid counselor.