DSW Alumni Testimonials

We find that it is helpful for prospective students to connect with our current students and alumni to hear more about the student experience, the do-ability of the program, and the aspects of the program that are most impactful to their professional development. Each year at the CSWE-APM and BPD conferences, we host DSW receptions that provide an opportunity for prospective students to meet and mingle with current students and alumni.  Because not everyone has the opportunity to attend these conferences, we asked recent alumni to either submit a video - or allow us to record a video at a conference - to provide a snapshot of these reflections. They are not professional-grade, but we hope you will find them helpful!

Anne Adcock '17 DSW in testimonial video‌  Michelle Gricus '17 DSW testimonial video‌ 
 Stephanie Grant '18 DSW testimonial video  Amanda Greubel '18 DSW testimonial video
 Rebecca Hoffman '18 DSW testimonial video  Katrinna Matthews '19 DSW testimonial video
 Rex Rempel '19 DSW testimonial video  Katie Terry '19 DSW testimonial video