Advocacy in Action

The ethical standards of social work call for social workers to be actively engaged in advocacy for social change and social justice.  Faculty at the School of Social Work have identified and developed a number of non-partisan resources to support individuals and groups in their advocacy work.  We invite you to use and share these resources in your own advocacy efforts. 

In addition to the materials posted here, the faculty members listed below may also be available to provide consultation or training in your advocacy efforts.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Ready to get started? Watch the video below to see what advocacy is all about. 

Mapping Social Justice is the St. Kate's School of Social Work's student-led social justice initiative. Led by Dr. Lisa Kiesel, a group of graduate researchers work to tailor specific advocacy action alerts to students and alumni based on their field placement and clinical interests. The goal of the program is to engage students in advocacy work by giving them quick alerts with all the necessary information and sample scripts for calling legislators. 

In addition to emailing students/alumni alerts daily, Mapping Social Justice also posts all alerts on our Facebook page. Like our page to stay updated on social justice advocacy alerts on the local, state and federal levels. ‌

Want to connect with the Mapping Social Justice team? Send us an email today. 

Katharine Hill thumbnail photoKatharine HillAssociate Professor, University of St. Thomas
Katharine Hill, MPP, MSW, PhD, is a national thought-leader on Voting as Social Work and is committed to educating students - and others - to become leaders, advocates, and change agents in their communities.  Dr. Hill’s expertise includes voter registration and engagement, political social work practice, and policy and issue advocacy. She has trained hundreds of people- students, social workers, and others- to be effective advocates for social change. Email Dr. Hill. 

Lisa R. Kiesel, Associate Professor, St. Catherine University
Lisa R. Kiesel, MSW, PhD, LICSW, teaches across the MSW curriculum and advocates the integration of policy / advocacy practice throughout MSW program courses to prepare social workers of all specialties to advance social justice. Dr. Kiesel initiated and continues to support the Mapping Social Justice Project, a student led program for the dissemination of local, state, and national advocacy information targeted to individuals’ social work issue priorities to increase community and policy engagement of students, faculty and alumnae. Email Dr. Kiesel.