Mission Statement of the St. Thomas School of Social Work

Grounded in social justice and inspired by Catholic social thought, we educate and engage students to learn, grow, and develop their professional skills as they prepare for social work practice in support of health, wellbeing, and the common good.


 Principles held by the School of Social Work

  1. Social work places emphasis on the inherent dignity of the human person, the value of human life and human potential.

  2. Social work provides services to promote the highest functioning of individuals, family units, groups and communities.

  3. Social work provides opportunities for growth for both clients and social workers, through the worker/client relationship.

  4. Social work is based on and enriched by liberal arts knowledge, values, perspectives and intellectual skills.

  5. Social work utilizes knowledge from the social sciences in meeting the needs of individuals and groups.

  6. Social work recognizes the universality of social problems and the interdependence of society.

  7. Social work collaborates with other disciplines to provide individualized and continuous care for persons.

  8. Social work is responsible for promoting continued learning and the utilization of research for the benefit of its members, the profession and the community.

  9. Social work continuously adapts best practices in response to changing social needs and conditions.

  10. Social work acts in solidarity with those who suffer from social and economic injustices.

  11. Social work advocates for universal access to resources required to meet basic human needs.