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The Hult Prize is facilitated through the Opus College of Business. 

The 2017 Hult Prize "President's Challenge" is "Refugees - Reawakening Human Potential" and will focus on restoring the rights and dignity of people and societies who may be, or are forced into motion due to social injustices, politics, economic pressures, climate change and war.  We will also work to restore the rights and dignity of those currently living in informal / illegal settlements. Our aim is to reach 10M by 2022 and believe young people and their collective wisdom is the only way forward.  This challenge was selected by President Bill Clinton and announced at the 2016 Hult Prize Finals and Awards program New York.

Key highlights associated with this year's challenge:

  • Hult Prize Foundation is estimating the total number of global refugees to be at 1 billion, not the UN and generally accepted number of 60M. 
  • The refugee cycle has been re-defined into 4 stages; pre-movement, in-motion, temp relocation, permanent status
  • The 2017 Challenge outlines very clear areas for disruptive innovation in each stage of the cycle
  • Refugees present one of the world's largest untapped economic opportunities
  • Reawakening human potential in refugees in motion unlocks the need for social innovation across a range of social service categories.

Visit OCB's "Competitions" page for more details.

The Clinton Global Initiative University Network is an existing consortium of colleges and universities that support, mentor and provide seed funding to student innovators and entrepreneurs on their respective campuses.

St. Thomas has become a member and agreed to provide CGI U students with a minimum of $10,000 per year (total) in funding for their Commitments to Action. These commitments, a unique feature of the CGI U model, are new, specific and measurable student projects that address some of the world’s toughest social and environmental problems. Commitments may be made in the areas of education, the environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health.

Interested students should check out our webpage to submit an application or learn more about upcoming info sessions.


This year’s competition kicks off on Oct. 16 with an information session. The Fowler is an annual event organized by the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship focused on energizing the entrepreneurial spirit of St. Thomas students from across campus. The business plan competition encourages students to explore their potential, search out new opportunities and use the skills and knowledge they have acquired to make a difference in the world…and win $10,000 scholarships.

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