#DigDeeper: J-Term in Uganda and Rwanda

January 30, 2018
An update from SocMed and Dr. Amy Finnegan, chair of Justice and Peace Studies:

I wanted to write and share with you an exciting outcome that came out of our UMAIE J-term course, Global Health in Uganda and Rwanda: Towards Analysis, Equity and Action in Social Medicine. We had an excellent group of students – 13 from the University of St. Thomas, one from UMAIE partner institution, Elmhurst College, and then 13 students from universities in Uganda, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. The African Students were coordinated through the social justice organization working for health equity, SocMed.

Following two weeks of immersive, experiential study in Gulu, Northern Uganda, we finished our course in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda to witness firsthand the Rwandan health system and Partners in Health community-based health delivery programs.

Guided by our commitment to Praxis, the Personal, and Partnership, these learners from Uganda, Rwanda, the U.S., and Zimbabwe took on history, politics, economics, social structure, and culture to forge understandings of what both creates and disrupts health, developed a set of social justice skills, and built community. While together in January, the U.S. President made disparaging remarks about Haiti and African nations. In a counter narrative to stigmatizing stereotypes of Africa, the students decided to take their learnings from the course and raise their collective voices in a short video to inspire pragmatic solidarity. We invite you to view it and share with others: #DigDeeper 

We are grateful for a powerful month with this extraordinary group of people and the ways in which you all support this type of education.