Siena Symposium Humanitarian Leadership Award Recipients and Lectures

Sister Sarah Butler
"The Priesthood as Sacramental Reality: Women’s Ordination in Ecumenical Perspective"

Teresa Collett, J.D.
"Life on the Edge: Upcoming Prolife Legal Challenges," 2016 (March 31st at 7:30, North Woulfe Alumni Hall, University of St. Thomas

Janet Smith, Ph.D
"The Real Meaning of Responsible Parenthood, 2015"

Mary Eberstadt 
"How the West Really Lost God," 2014

Helen Alvare, J.D.
"Women and the Politics of Freedom," 2013

Sister Mary Prudence Allen, Ph.D.
"The Integral Complementarity of Woman and Man: 
The Catholic Vision," 2012 

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