The mission of the Siena Symposium is to respond to St. Pope John Paul II's call for a deeper understanding of the role of women in society.  This response enables both men and women to grasp and live out their God-given nature and dignity as they work together to build up the Body of Christ and establish a culture of life.  Our purpose is to encourage and investigate the philosophical and theological foundations of human personhood; articulate the implications of those findings for the law, business, education, and public policy; establish a faithful and coherent intellectual framework that can inform the effort to create a truly human society; and advance the civilization of love called for by the Second Vatican Council in Gaudium et Spes #38.

Our strategy is two-fold: First, to deepen an understanding of woman's unique gifts, the complementary natures of men and women and how they work together to sustain human flourishing and create history. Second, we sponsor workshops, seminars and conferences, as well as develop curriculum for individual and group initiatives.

We hope to serve as a local and national nexus for the study and promotion of the ways in which women along with men can pursue the common good of all.