SCOOP Frequently Asked Questions

(Service Center Online Ordering Portal)

Start by visiting the SCOOP sign-in page HERE. New users will be asked to complete a one-time registration page.

No, each time you login and visit SCOOP, the system will know all of this information and automatically attach it to your order form. If your default index code won't be used for a particular project, or if any other part of your default information doesn't apply for a particular project, you can make the appropriate changes on your electronic order form for that project.

By clicking on the "Place an Order" tab at the top of the HOME page, then make a selection from the list of forms.  For printing use the "Submit a Print Project" form and for bulk mailing use "Send a Bulk Mailing" form.

This information is entered by you under the "Delivery Information" section of the order form

Yes, almost any of your default information can be changed by you at any time. When you change information on your existing job form, it applies to that job only. If you make changes to your user profile, those changes become your new default information.

The goal is 24 hour turnaround for these items.

As we initially assign you to a departmental group in SCOOP, we give you access to order forms for the campus where we think you spend the most of your time. However, it's easy to give you access to other forms for either campus.  There is an order form called "Don't see the order forms you need?"  Use this form to send a request for more forms.  We will turn them on for you within 24 hours.

Call Jamie Duncan in Minneapolis at 651 962-4940 or Jackie Biljan in St. Paul at 651 962-6585. Copy paper questions and staple cartridges for copiers questions can be directed to Campus Mail Services at 651 962-6350