Folding & Envelope Stuffing

Most printed pieces can be folded using the Service Center's high-speed folding equipment, but certain pieces require special attention provided by the handwork department. If hand-stuffing is required, the Service Center's handwork specialists will take care of the job.

Often times a thicker printed piece, or one with lots of ink on the spine, requires scoring or creasing before folding. In these cases, the Service Center will score the piece to minimize cracking.

Common Paper Folds

Single Fold (half-fold)

Paper is folded into two equal parts with a single fold. Can be used to create 4 separate panels/pages to be printed upon.

Used For: bulletins, menus, programs, greeting cards, wine lists, technical instructions, booklet pages.


Letter Fold (c-fold)

Paper is folded using two folds. The sheet is folded into three nearly equal sections, with one panel serving as the cover. This format is mostly used for self-mailing brochures or pamphlets as it creates 6 full panels that can be used for printed content. 
Used For: letters, statements, invoices, bulletins, any letter size sheet (8.5" x 11") requiring insertion into a standard #10 or #9 envelope.


Accordian Fold (z-fold)

Paper is folded in a fashion similar to that of the letter fold with sections the same size. Two folds create two outer panels folded in over the third center panel.
Used For: brochures, letters, statements, proposals, purchase orders, anything requiring insertion into a standard #10 or #9 envelope.

Double Parallel Fold

This type of fold is also referred to as an 8-sheet fold. The paper is folded in half and then half again using 2 parallel folds. This process creates 4 panels. Folding a legal size sheet (8.5" x 14") in this manner will allow it to fit into a standard #10/#9 envelope.
Used For: self-mailers, newsletters, brochures, letters, statements, proposals, purchase orders.

Right Angle Fold

With this type of fold, the paper is folded in half, rotated, and then folded in half again. This process creates 8 panels.