There are many options for binding your work:
(It's common and easy to add a clear plastic cover or a cardstock cover along with a cardstock back cover)

Plastic Comb

Any of your documents, financial reports and proposals can be securely and economically bound with 19-hole plastic comb binding.

- Plastic Comb

Spiral Coil Binding

Plastic spiral coil is the best option for binding books and reports that need to be able to be turned back on themselves. A wide range of coil sizes are available to accomodate most any size and thickness of document.

- Spiral Coil Binding

Thermal Tape Binding

Our FastBack binding equipment uses a durable heat-applied strip to bind your document professionally.

- Thermal Tape Binding

Corner or Side Stitching

Corner or side stitching binding

- Corner or Side Stitching