We are looking for VISION leaders!

 Apply here:  Leader Application 2020-2021 DUE May 3rd @ 11:59pm (send completed app to vision@stthomas.edu)

Outlined below is a brief job description and qualifications. If you are up for an amazing challenge, please look through the information and consider taking this step to the next level of the VISION program. You do not have to have gone on a VISION trip to apply next year.

Position Title: VISION Student Leader

As a student leader you will be expected to actively participate in the VISION leadership community. Each week you will meet with your fellow leaders as we prepare for the J-term and Spring Break VISION programs. You do not have to have participated in a VISION program to apply. Included in this are the following responsibilities: 

  • Attend the week-long summer VISION Leadership training trip (Mid to late August)* 
  • Attend weekly training meetings (Tuesday nights 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.) 
  • Prioritize time to meet with co-leaders outside of meetings, and maintain strong communication with both leadership and program teams (4-6 hour/week commitment) 
  • The very busy weeks when we conduct interviews and when we are running our Large Group Orientations in October and February will require 10-15 hours of commitment.  
  • Attend Campus Ministry beginning-of-year retreat*  
  • Assist in the promotion of VISION programs 
  • Interview and select program participants 
  • Facilitate pre-program orientations 
  • Lead a 1-3 week VISION trip (in BOTH J-Term and Spring Break)*
  • Help in facilitating post-trip reflection sessions 


The successful candidate will possess: 

  • A strong servant leader approach to life 
  • A sense of adventure 
  • An understanding and appreciation for the 6 VISION components 
  • Commitment to be an active part of the student leadership team (shared reflection, trip promotion, retreats…and much, much more) 
  • A big heart for people and an ability to connect with them 
  • Openness to explore issues of social justice 
  • Dedication to the VISION program expectations and the required training 
  • Availability during January and Spring Break 
  • Organizational skills 
  • Dependability 
  • An aspiration to share the VISION experience with the St. Thomas community
  • Specifically, for this coming year, we are looking for flexible and adaptable leaders who are up for anything with so much uncertainty due to COVID-19. This includes having positivity and creating opportunities for VISION to continue despite the current circumstances.


Benefits: Along with the rewarding experience of becoming more deeply involved with VISION you will also… 

  • Receive CPR, First Aid and Van Safety training 
  • Be part of an amazing team of student leaders 
  • Gain valuable and transferable leadership experience (Great resume builder!) 
  • Receive 100% coverage of financial cost of programs 
  • Next year we are looking for leaders who are adaptable and willing to create programming that


Interview Process: 

If you decide to take the leap and apply to become a leader, it will be both a great challenge and a wonderfully growth-filled time of your life. Applications are due Sunday May 3rd , and we will conduct interviews and notify applicants before the end of the 2020 academic year. If you have any questions, please contact vision@stthomas.edu


*DISCLAIMER: Due to COVID-19, in-person group meetings and travel during J-term/spring break may be restricted. We will follow the guidelines of the University of St. Thomas when it comes to in-person meetings and travel. BUT we are confident that there are meaningful aspects to the VISION program that we can do through online formats.