White Rose Farm, MO

Dates: March 21st – March 28th

Cost: $350 

Group Size: 2 leaders, 8 participants

Host Community:

Started in 2009 in Chicago, the White Rose Catholic Worker Community is committed to prayer, hospitality to those in need, education for social justice, peacemaking and nonviolence, gift economy and care for creation. The White Rose Catholic Worker Farm is located in La Plata, MO, just fifteen miles South and East of Kirksville. The Bambrick-Rust family runs the farm and welcomes visitors year round with open arms.

Justice Issues:

The White Rose Catholic Worker Farm focuses on peacemaking and nonviolence as well as many other social justice issues such as organic gardening, sustainable forestry, and food and health that they feel called to educate on. At the farm, the family values resource conservation, sustainability, and living simply to care for all of creation. During our stay, we will participate in many educational discussions and talks about current justice issues as well as serve on the farm to help towards their mission. A few of the days during the week we will go out into the local community to serve and help their neighbors.

Cultural Opportunities:

Although Missouri is not far from our home here in St. Paul, MN, the cultural differences between our daily lives in the city and the slow-paced peaceful life on the White Rose Catholic Worker farm are many. Spending the week camping out on a farm in rural Missouri we will spend the full hours of our days living and working alongside the family on the farm learning how they live simply and intentionally to carry out their mission. The educational opportunities from conversations with the family on the farm as well as neighbors in the community will bring new insights and ideas to all of us each day.

Food, Lodging, Travel:

The group will travel by 12-passenger van from St. Paul to La Plata, MO and stay on site at the farm all week. If the weather is warm enough we may be camping in tents on the lawn, otherwise staying indoors camping out on the floor together. All meals will be provided on the farm.

More Info:  

Service projects on the farm may include constructing an outdoor kitchen, hospitality shelter, or chicken coop, digging garden beds, making compost, serving at the local soup kitchen, helping with childcare, and working alongside in the kitchen to learn about natural cooking.