Myths and Facts

FACT: No way! You can be of any spiritual inclination or none at all. We welcome (and are made up of) students from all backgrounds and practices. And since SPIRITUALITY is one of the six VISION components, we get pumped about exploring spiritual conversations together through our experiences.

FACT: Nope! VISION trips are service and cultural immersion trips. We go to communities to live, work, and walk alongside residents and community members, learning about their lives and sharing ours. We focus on the six VISION components (service, cultural exchange, justice issues, spirituality, community and simplicity).

FACT: There’s never been a VISION adventure that has been perfectly scheduled, flawlessly planned, or seamlessly executed. When you go with us, you go with expectations of surprises, shockers, and explorations! You might not know what’s going to happen, but you will know that it is bound to be awesome.

FACT: Even year to year, going to the same sites, the trips change…a lot! What we can give you is information on the general issues facing the communities we are going to, and examples of what groups have done on their adventures to those communities in the past.

FACT: Far from it! These adventures are designed specifically around the six components in order to fill the time spent in various communities with meaningful experiences rooted in genuine interest, compassion, and willingness to engage.