Plenitud, Puerto Rico

Host Community: 

Established in 2010, Plenitud PR is a non-profit educational farm and learning center that focuses on the research, demonstration, and dissemination of sustainable practices for today’s rural and urban environment. Each year, groups like VISION and hundreds of other visitors from around the world become a part of their collective effort to gather and share the skills and values for a more sustainable and healthy future.  

 Plenitud’s teaching center is located in Las Marias, Puerto Rico. They have stewardship of a 15 acre parcel of land located in the Western, mountainous region of Puerto Rico. The layout, methodology, and development of the farm have been primarily guided by permaculture design principles, emphasizing soil conservation, responsible water management, renewable energy, and natural building.   

Justice Issues: 

Environmental Consciousness: Progress and modernization has brought improvement and solutions to many of the problems facing humanity. However, it has also brought about many negative consequences to health, the environment, and our communities. Plenitud provides ways to recover the wisdom and sense of community of their past by using modern technology and offering workshops and consultation services on permaculture and sustainability. 

 Permaculture & Sustainable Farming: Permaculture is an integrated design science based on ecological principles that create resource efficient and productive human environments. Permaculture brings sustainable and regenerative design to our basic needs for shelter, water, food, and energy. Plenitud PR offers training and information on a wide variety of permaculture practices, including agroforestry, rain water harvesting, urban food production, animal husbandry, food processing and storage for value added products and food security. 

Cultural Opportunities: 

The opportunity to delve into permaculture design, practicing sustainable living, and exploring the beauty and culture of Puerto Rico. This alternative break blends hands-on work with conceptual learning and community service, rewarding students with education through action in an intentional, thoughtful environment.   

 By staying on Plenitud’s site you will get to know the culture through exploration and various educational activities with members of the Plenitud community. The people of Plenitud live intentionally by sharing stories, cooking meals, and caring for the nourishment of their community and earth. On our days off, we will have time for excursions off the farm to explore the local area and travel to weekly markets to see a new way of life. 

Food, Lodging, Travel: 

The group leaves Minneapolis/St. Paul and arrives in Puerto Rico by plane. You will be met at the Luis Muñoz Marín airport in San Juan by a representative from the Plenitud PR Community. The group will be staying in tents provided by the site, and sleeping bags are available for rental. All meals and transportation will be provided. Meals are fresh, local and organic and are celebrated with intention and gratitude.  

Service Activities May Include: 

● Urban Food Production 

● Agro-forestry techniques 

● Storm-water and wastewater management 

● Compost, soil biology and soil conservation 

● Bio-construction design and methods 

● Permaculture design  


"The minute you arrive at Plenitud, you become family. The staff are so welcoming and it is visible how excited they are to share their stories and welcome you into their home. Throughout the week, we learned about the importance of living thoughtfully and taking the time to appreciate our surroundings - the people, the farm, the rain, everything. We learned about water management, placement of crops, pruning trees and harvesting vegetables, and had the most AMAZING meals. Even for people who are not ‘outdoorsy’, you will find such comfort in the connections you make and the experiences you have while at Plenitud." - Jessica Mann