Bali Institute for Global Renewal, Indonesia

Host Community: 

From the beginning, Bali Institute has been inspired by people and organizations doing innovative and challenging work in Bali. Through both happy coincidences and their own research, they have connected with an ever-growing number of groups working with Balinese people, with focus areas ranging from restoring coral reefs to empowering Balinese women to reducing waste and encouraging recycling. Over their 15 years of experience, Bali Institute has forged deep relationships with amazing people and organizations all over the island. Balinese culture is deeply connected with the island’s breathtaking natural beauty. Many Balinese people hold deep respect and gratitude for their land, displayed in their ceremonies, artistry, and everyday interactions with their natural environment. The Bali institute has created a custom program for our VISION group to engage in justice work, cultural exchange, and reflection.  


Justice Issues: 

Main justice issues that the VISION team will be interacting with include gender equity, one-on-one English speaking, coral reef preservation, mangrove presentation, and preservation of Balinese art and culture. 


Cultural Experiences:

Our VISION program in Bali will begin with a welcome orientation with an overview of Balinese history, and an introduction to the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. Over the two weeks we will experience and learn about history, spirituality, food, and natural environment of Bali. More details to be updated.  


Food, Lodging, Travel: 

We will fly from MSP into Bali and be met by staff from Bali Institute and transported to their center. Our group will be hosted together in the community. All food will be provided by the program and VISION and may include dining at local restaurants.