Crow Creek Reservation, SD

Dacotah Tipis-Habitat for Humanity

Dates: March 24th - 31st

Cost: $450

Group Size: 2 student leaders, 8 participants

Host Community:

Coming to Crow Creek will be a life-changing experience. Dacotah Tipis provides a service-learning experience that gives volunteers not only the chance to work across Crow Creek with our Dakota/Lakota friends, but also the chance to be immersed in Dakota/Lakota culture. Dacotah Tipis believes that forming relationships with the Dakota/Lakota people and studying their history, culture, and spirituality as we grow in our understanding about their lives and culture is as important as the work we do. They like to take some time during the week to let our Volunteer groups experience local culture, as well as time for recreation.

Justice Issues:

Homelessness: Dacotah Tipis will continue, in 2017, the work we began in 1992 – addressing the housing crisis and rehabilitation and renovation needs on the Rez. With the help of volunteers we continue to see dreams of Homeownership come true for our Dakota people.

Poverty: Crow Creek is the poorest area of the United States, and living in desperate poverty creates its own culture. Acting and living according to Dakota/Lakota culture and living in a culture of poverty are often two different things, and at times are inconsistent with each other. As you travel around the Rez and interact with the residents here, be mindful of the fact that both cultures exist here and it is very difficult to distinguish between the two.

Cultural Opportunities:

  • Cultural Walks, which may include visiting a Sundance Grounds or Cemeteries
  • Cultural Talks/Roundtables with various Elders/Members of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
  • Evenings at the lake with Bonfires, food and/or s'mores
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony/Smoking of the Chanupa (Prayer Pipe)
  • Searching for some of the Buffalo Herd
  • Experiencing the Dakota/Lakota language
  • Pristine Reservoir Swimming 9.
  • Fishing a world class Walleye Fishery
  • Nature Walks:Gathering Herbs, Digging Turnips, Picking berries or plums (depending on season)
  • Gathering Rocks (Grandfathers) and/or wood for campfires & Inipis (Sweat Lodge Ceremony)

Food, Lodging, and Travel:

The group will drive a 12-passenger van to South Dakota. You will be staying in the Dacotah Tipis Volunteer Center. It is a Volunteer Center built by volunteers for volunteers. The Volunteer Center has a beautiful fully functioning kitchen where the VISION group will spend community time preparing and eating meals together. The Volunteer Center also includes bunking areas for women and men.

More Info: