Reflections from VISION

Rocios’s Story

By Travis Banken, VISION leader

Her name is Angela Rosa Salazar, but she goes by Rocio. She is 33 years old from San Felix, Venezuela and is a certified special education teacher. Rocio is completely deaf in her right ear and uses an aid in her left ear to improve her hearing. While I have yet to meet or speak with Rocio this did not deter me from wanting to help her. I have been asked by Father Greg Schaffer to share my experience with Rocio so others can appreciate the large impact a few people can make on another’s life. I want to emphasize that none of this would have been possible without the generosity of a few individuals as well as local company’s mission to give the gift of sound to the world! This is a story of kindness, friendship and love for someone three thousand miles away…

Rocio's Story

A Journey Towards Hope and Confidence

By Jessica Chlebeck, 2014 participant

This past Spring Break I was blessed to be able to go on a VISION trip to Kentucky with 8 other students here at St. Thomas. It was through this experience that I became a person who grew more confident in God’s plan, confidence in myself and hope in this world. I am so eternally grateful to God for putting me on this trip because this trip changed my life.

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