Meet the Team!

Our team of 12 VISION Leaders has been hand selected to spend the year planning, promoting and organizing VISION's 12 service and cultural immersion trips for both J-term and Spring Break. Each trip is led by a pair of trained and enthusiastic student co-leaders to facilitate the best experience possible for all participants and promote student leadership!

Meet Alli Lague!

Hello hello! I'm Alli Lague, a super fun super senior studying mechanical engineering and Spanish here at UST. I have been on 4 VISION trips (Ecuador, Montana, Guatemala, and South Dakota), and I am one of the student directors this year. In no particular order, I love: traveling, trying new things, reading, Jesus, yoga, hammocking, listening to good music/going to concerts, drinking good coffee, laughing at my own jokes, and all things VISION! If you want to chat about any of those things, the odds are pretty high that you can find me in the center for campus ministry or wherever coffee is served (the loft, beakers, or coffee bene in the library). Cheers! 

- Alli Lague

Meet Paige Hietpas!

Eyo eyo! My name is Paige and I am one of the student directors for VISIÓN this year. GETTIN’ PUMPED to meet YOU. Anywho. I am a senia majoring in Justice & Peace Studies and Environmental Studies. I was lucky enough to find the VISION family as a freshman and they raised me to be passionate, adventurous and excited! Outside of my VISION life you can find me hikin’, rock collectin’, scrapbookin’ and eatin’ peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (grammie’s favorite). And spending time with my beautifully large family. You should also know that essential oils and Mandolin Orange are two things that keep me alive. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. See you at orientation!

- Paige Hietpas

Meet Kelsey DiBias!

Hello, I'm Kelsey DiBias! I'm a junior at UST and I'm studying social work and chemical dependency counseling. After two spring break VISION trips as a participant, I am excited to be a leader with such an amazing team. I love spending time outside, drinking coffee, being with friends, and studying for my classes. I'm looking forward to this year!! 

- Kelsey DiBias

Meet Sunita Dharod!

Hi I'm Sunita! I am a justice and peace major and cojo/acd minor. I work as a cake decorator/ pastry chef over at wholefoods. At UST I'm also a part of SJP, DAB, and of course VISION! In my free time I love to find new music and make dope playlists, paint, and cook crazy vegan recipies with my twin sister! 

- Sunita Dharod

Meet Duncan Anderson!

My name is Duncan Anderson and I am a Junior at St. Thomas, studying Psychology. I am a huge advocate for ways to keep the mind healthy- I teach meditation for students on campus in the Wellness Center. After I graduate, I will be spending a year in a Buddhist forest monastery, furthering my personal meditation practice, and then return to the US to continue my education in graduate school. Until then, I am having a fantastic time learning, teaching, and going on trips with VISION :) 

- Duncan Anderson

Meet Mackenzie Garrett!

I am a senior at St. Thomas studying Justice and Peace Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies. I am also Station Manager of KUST, the radio station on campus, so if you’re interested in having a radio show, or even just hanging out with a bunch of weirdos who talk about music, let me know. In my free time (lol what’s that), I enjoy going to concerts, spending time with myself, or looking for dogs to pet.

- Mackenzie Garrett

Meet Alyssa Leraas!

Hey hey! My name is Alyssa Leraas and I am a senior at St. Thomas studying Political Science and Economics. After graduation, I intend on going to law school, or becoming president, whichever one pans out. I could not do life without God, my family, and coffee. Other things I enjoy, but are less essential to my survival include running, boating, trying new things, musicals, reality TV, and ice cream. I am passionate about making our world a better, more loving place, and I am pumped to see what this year has in store for VISION.

- Alyssa Leraas

Meet Brenna Carberry!

Hello, I'm Brenna! I am a senior studying Mechanical Engineering currently starting the post-graduation job hunt. I like meeting new people, biking, reading the occasional science fiction book, listening to podcasts and eating ice cream. You can find me in the science buildings studying or in the ASC waiting for someone to hang out with me! 

- Brenna Carberry

Meet Yusuf Mohamoud!

Hey everyone! I have been raised here in Saint Paul, Minnesota living in the same house for most of my life. I am currently a junior, majoring in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I hope to soon go to Medical School and be a Pediatrian. I love to play Basketball and have deep religious and philosophical discussion! I love to travel and I am so excited for these upcoming VISION trips, #GoVISION.


- Yusuf Mohamoud

Meet Natalie Gillespie Gaskins!

¡Hola! I am a senior from Minneapolis, MN, studying Music Business and Spanish. Upon graduation, I plan to relocate to NYC, Chicago, or London to pursue my career in the music industry. In addition to being a VISION leader, I am an Ambassador for Sofar Sounds: Minneapolis, so if you have questions about attending a Sofar show, I'm your girl :). My passions include learning new languages, exploring spirituality, and all things MUSIC (as if that weren’t obvious). Countries I’ve travelled to include Spain, France, The Netherlands, UK, Bulgaria, Morocco, Euskadi, and, I guess travel can be added to the list, too. I can’t wait for a great year with VISION! Cheers!

- Natalie Gillespie Gaskins

Meet Matthew Sweetman!

Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Sweetman! Or you may know me as Sweets, Sweetie, Sweet Cheeks, or whatever other nickname someone gave me. I am a sophomore here at St. Thomas and still haven’t declared a major, but I am minoring in Mandarin. My VISION experience started my freshman year J-Term when I was lucky enough to go to Quail Springs, California… which, by the way, is one of the prettiest and most amazing places, at least in the country. It was such an enriching experience that I knew I needed more of VISION in my life. So, naturally, I applied to be a leader and here we are: me typing this bio that all you cool cats interested in VISION will read! My life outside of VISION looks pretty similar to my fellow leaders: I like to be outside hiking, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, water skiing/wakeboarding, playing sports, and making my way home at night. So, I hope reading all our bios sparks some sort of interest in a few of you, and if so then we’re lucky to have you and hopefully lucky enough to be leading some of you around the world.

- Matthew Sweetman