The Women Around Jesus in The Gospels

‌Lecture Series Description: In addition to male followers and Mary the mother of Jesus. the Gospels present a variety of women who interacted regularly with Jesus. Considering that the Gospels are composed during a time of patriarchy, when men were considered the dominant gender of society, it is remarkable that on the whole, women are portrayed in a positive light in the Gospels. The stories of Jesus' encounters with women reveal that Jesus' life-style and teachings were inclusive. Women like men are changed as a result of their encounter with Jesus. This series will begin by looking at Jesus' foremothers in faith, and will continue by looking at the roles nad functions of women in all four Gospels, as models for a life-style of faith. The final session will look at some of the portrayals of women in the writings of Paul the Apostle.

Participants are encouraged to please bring a Bible to each session.

Lecture Series Information: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., starting April 4, 2018, O'Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium, University of St. Thomas St. Paul Campus

Lecture Series EducatorProfessor Arthur E. Zannoni is an award winning free-lance writer, scripture scholar, teacher, theologian, workshop leader and consultant in the areas of biblical studies and Christian-Jewish relations. He taught on the faculty of the School of Divinity of the University of St. Thomas from 1984-1991 as well as its Murray Institute. He helped establish, in 1985, along with Rabbi Max A. Shapiro, the Jay Phillips Center for Jewish Christian Learning at the University of St. Thomas. In addition, he received the Temple Israel (Minneapolis) Interreligious Award for his work in promoting Catholic Jewish dialogue in the Twin Cities. He also regularly leads pilgrimages to Israel (the Holy Land). A frequent instructor for the Selim Center, he has taught 18 lecture series between 1996 and 2015.  He earned his Master's degree in Theology from the University of San Francisco, and did his doctoral studies at Marquette University specializing in Biblical Studies. Zannoni, a prolific writer, has bene published in numerous periodicals and received awards for excellence in writing from the Catholic Press Association. He is editor of two books and author of three. His most recent book is titled The Gospels' Legacy.  He is also a regular contributor to the web page

Fee for the series:  $90 per person

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Detailed Lecture Series Syllabus:

Apr. 4

Women in a Patriarchal World & Jesus' Foremothers in Faith

This session will explore the issues surrounding women in the patriarchal world at hte time of the composition of the Bible, as well as the matriarchs and other women in the Hebrew Scriptures who were Jesus' foremothers in faith as well as those mentioned in the geneaology of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 1.

Apr. 11

Women Around Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

After a brief introduction to the Gospel of Mark, this session will explore some of the twelve mentioned women in the Gospel of Mark. Emphasis will be placed on the Syrophoenecian woman (Mark 7: 24-30), and the woman who anoints Jesus (Mark 14: 3-9) as well as Mary Magdalene (Mark 15:40-41; 16:1,9)

Apr. 18

Women Around Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

After a brief introduction to the Gospel of Matthew, this session will explore the women healed by Jesus in Matthew as well as those who functioned as disciples. The session will culminate with a view of the Galilean women at the cross as well as those at the empty tomb.

Apr. 25

Women Around Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

This session will be divided into two parts. Part one will look at Mary the mother of Jesus as the ideal disciple as narrated in Luke's Gospel. Part two will look at the women Jesus cures, the three parables where women are key characters as well as the women on the way to Calvary and at the crucifixion.

May 2

Women Around Jesus in the Gospel of John

After a brief introduction to the Gospel of John, participants will explore the seven major stories about women in the Gospel of John. Emphasis will be placed on Jesus' mother, the Samaritan woman at the well, and Mary Magdalene.

May 9

The Roles of Women in Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles of St. Paul

This session will be divided into two parts. Part one will look at the women mentioned in Acts of the Apostles. Part two will explore women mentioned in the Epistles of St. Paul, especially the Epistle to the Romans and their roles in the early Christian Church.