Theology & the Sciences: From Queen, beyond Conflict, toward Mutuality

‌Lecture Series Description: Loud voices in our culture tell us that science and religion conflict, with sciences always the winner. Dr. Padgett will present reasons why this modernist myth is simply uninformed, arguing that religious wisdom & scientific insight belong together. He shows how they cna mutually inform our faith today. Quite apart from anti-religious propaganda, believers too have questions about how scientific teachings can be understood from the perspective of thoughtful Christian faith. Bring your questions & faithful thinking to this series.

Lecture Series Information: Thursdays, 1:00-2:30 p.m., starting February 8, Church of St. Patrick, 6820 St. Patrick's Lane, Edina

Lecture Series Educator: The author & editor of thirteen books and over a hundred articles, Prof. Alan G. Padgett is one of the better-known experts in theology and science in the US.  Padgett earned his D. Phil. at Oxford University. He teaches theology at Luther Seminary and is a Methodist minister. He has lectured globally on these topics, from China to North America & Italy (for three Catholic conferences). His most recent work is the authoritative Blackwell Companion to Science & Christianity (co-edited with Jim Stump).

Fee for the series:  $90 per person

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Detailed Course Syllabus:

Feb. 8

Science & Religion: Queen, Conflict, or Mutuality?

Feb. 15

Is Religion Dangerous or Just Plain Stupid? Sciences and the "New" Atheism

Feb. 22

Genesis in Space and Time: Evolution & Holy Scripture

March 1

God in Modern Biology: Intelligent Design or Macrodesign?

March 8

Our Green Bible: Recovering Scripture's Eco-friendly Teachings

March 15

Cosmic Beginnings and Endings: Science vs. Theology?