Minnesota-Getting Ready & Getting into World War I

‌Course DescriptionThe war was both effect and cause of great changes in the US and in Minnesota.  We'll look at some of these. 

Many people who survived WWI felt that it signaled a change in the world -- for some an unleashing of a new kind of evil, for others the coming of a new world, for still others, the beginning of the modern.  Woman suffrage, the flu epidemic, prohibition, slackers, race riots, cars, telephones, and more. For Minnesotans it meant, in addition, a reckoning with homeland security, a fear of immigrants and disloyalty, worry about labor activism.  Woodrow Wilson's aspiration to Make the World safe for Democracy reflected the preceding 15 years of Progressive politics; Calvin Coolidge's passive presidency echoed a strong American preference for a different kind of government.  In Minnesota, politics reflected, too, the state's German/Scandinavian heritage as well as a strain of farmer and labor activism.  

In short, the years just before and during World War I were caused by and caused great turmoil in the state's life and in the daily lives of the people who called this home. This class will also enhance your visit to the Minnesota Historical Society's exhibit on World War I.

Course Information: Tuesdays, 1:00-3:00 p.m., starting Sept. 19, 2017, O'Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium, University of St. Thomas St. Paul Campus

Course Instructor: Dr. Annette Atkins is a long-time teacher for the Selim Center.  She takes special pleasure in drawing people into the past as people at the time lived and understood it.  Currently an Emerita Professor of History, she taught for over 30 years at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.   She researches and writes about American and Minnesota history.  Her books include Creating Minnesota: A History from the Inside Out (2008, with an update 2016).

Fee for the series:  $90 per person

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Detailed Course Syllabus:

Sept. 19 

Progressive Minnesota - New Ideas and Possibilities for Government

Sept. 26

A Changing America: Department Stores and Men's Clubs

Oct. 3

A Changing America: Mines, Farms, Barbershops

Oct. 10 

A Changing America: Political Actions, Aspirations, Actors

Oct. 17

A Changing America: Preparedness & Neutrality

Oct. 24 

Going to War