American Politics in the Age of Trump

‌Lecture Series Description: How and why did Donald Trump win the 2016 election and what impact has his presidency thus far had on American politics? This series will assess the Trump presidency, seeking to understand whether he has been as successful as his supporters hoped, or as destructive as his detractors feared.

Lecture Series Information: Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., starting April 26, 2018, O'Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium, University of St. Thomas St. Paul Campus

Lecture Series EducatorDavid Schultz is Hamline University professor of political science and author of more than 30 books and 150 articles on various aspects of American politics. He is a three-time Fulbright scholar and winner of the national Leslie A. Whittington award for excellence in public affairs teaching.

Fee for the series:  $45 per person

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Detailed Lecture Series Syllabus:

Apr. 26

The Context of the Trump Presidency

This session will cover three topics: A final, final explanation of the 2016 election; an overview on the state of public opinion and political polarization today; and a final appraisal of the Obama presidency.

May 3

Understanding the Trump Presidency

This session will describe the nature of presidential power and then offer an assessment on the performance, accomplishments, and failures of the Trump presidency.

May 10

Trump and the Future of American Politics

This session address two issues: What impact has the Trump presidency had short and perhaps long term on American politics and what will that impact be in the 2018 and 2020 elections.