Information Security Council

The Information Security Council makes recommendations to address specific incidents and threats as well as recommend strategic direction for the overall information security program to ensure that it supports the University mission and improves the overall security posture of the University.

Scope / Areas of Focus

  • Provide guidance and support to the ITS Information Security Officer for the implementation and maintenance of the university’s information security program.
  • Identify emerging managerial, technical, administrative, and physical safeguard issues relative to information security and privacy.
  • Advise and make recommendations to UTAC and the President’s Cabinet on information security and privacy issues pertaining to university information systems.
  • Identify methods and promote awareness of information technology security issues among university technology and network users, administrators, and executives. 
  • Recommend, prioritize, and support the development and update of policies on privacy, security, access and disclosure.
  • Endorse and encourage implementation of campus-wide standards and processes to improve information security.
  • Be a sounding board regarding privacy and information security issues.


Michael Barrett - Public Safety
Chris Gregg - Information Technology Services 
Sara Gross-Methner - General Counsel 
Seth Johnston - Information Technology Services
Robert Martin - USG Student Representative 
Madonna McDermott - Health Services 
Marie Morzenti - Information Technology Services 
Carol Peterfeso - Treasury Office 
Patrick Sanchez - Development 
Katelyn Shehu - Controller's Office 
Paul Simmon - Office of the Registrar 
Scott Yilek - Computer and Information Sciences