Reporting Information Security Incidents & Exposure of Confidential Data


Data or Network Security Breach

Upon discovery of an incident where Restricted or Confidential Data may be exposed to unauthorized persons, report the breach immediately.

Contact Chris Gregg, Associate Vice President of Information Security & Risk Management, CISO at p 1 (651) 962-6265 Information Technology Services main number is p 1 (651) 962-6230

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • a laptop with Restricted or Confidential Data is lost or stolen
  • a publicly accessible web page contains a set of Restricted or Confidential data
  • a potential network security breach allows unauthenticated access to secure areas of the St. Thomas network

Credit Card Breach

Upon discovery of a security breach that may jeopardize credit card information, contact the Business Office p 1(651) 962-6600.


Physical Safety

If you have an issue regarding anyone's physical safety, please contact Public Safety first. If it's an emergency, dial 8-911 from any campus phone, or 911 from any cellphone or off-campus phone.