Secure your Data

Data Icon You generate lots of information, but you don't treat it all the same way. Some types of information you want to share with the world, other information needs to be kept private. The following tips can help keep St. Thomas Data secure.

Inventory potentially sensitive information and document on which computers, servers and laptops it's stored.  Follow St. Thomas' Data Classification Guidelines in categorizing and storing any sensetive data. 

Keep sensitive information on the fewest number of computers or servers, and be sure to segregate it from the rest of your data and network if possible. Do not store Restricted Data  on local or insecure systems.

Make sure critical data is backed up in a secure location. 

Part of keeping your data secure is making sure deleted data is permanently gone. You might think that once you delete a file it’s gone. However, deleting a file only removes the reference to the file in the file system table. The file still exists on disk and can potentially be recovered. To permanently delete a file, you must overwrite it with other data, making it unreadable.