If students plan to travel outside the city or be absent from the residence overnight, they must fill out a Student Travel Information form at least 48 hours in advance and e-mail it to the director. It is very important that students complete this form properly, particularly the destination and contact information. After receiving the form, the director will provide students a Travel and Safety Tips guide sheet to assist them in planning their travel and overnight stays.

Weekend Away Sign Up sheet – Anyone who is planning to be away over a weekend or a week night they need to sign up on the Weekend Away Sign Up sheet posted on the main stairwell bulletin board. This is an additional measure of students keeping each other informed of their whereabouts in case of an emergency.

A lock-out fee will be charged if a staff member is needed to let you into your room. The first lock-out is free, the second lock-out is €1.00 and additional lockouts are €3.00 to be paid at the front office.

Due to the unique nature of the campus, health and safety inspections of all the rooms, bathrooms and student lounges will be conducted each semester. The director will notify the students at least a week in advance. It is very important that all residents take precautions to prevent problems with pests. Snack items should be kept in closed food containers and food products refrigerated when appropriate. As always, residents should practice fire safety procedures. Extension cords, halogen lamps and candles are prohibited. If a room does not meet sufficient minimum standards of cleanliness, sanitation or safety practices, citations will be issued to residents of the room, and they will be given 48 hours to respond to the situation. Failure to properly respond by cleaning and maintaining the room will result in a fine of €40 posted automatically to the student’s account.

Sports-related activities within hallways, rooms, stairwells or other public areas of the Bernardi Campus are prohibited. Activities, including Frisbee, kicking or rolling any ball, and wrestling in a confined area such as a hallway can lead to student injury and damage to the residence. Appropriate disciplinary sanctions and a fine will be assessed to the violators.

Guests, such as parents, family members, alumni, and others, often stay in unoccupied student rooms or guest rooms of the residence. All room reservations must be made in advance with the director.

Residents are asked to be courteous and welcoming to the guests. Guests sharing a room with residents must have the room residents’ consent. The host resident is responsible for the behavior and actions of his/her own guests and anything that happens on campus. The host resident is responsible for making the guests aware of expected norms of conduct and the appropriate university and campus regulations.

Guests must have a valid passport to present to the front office upon check-in. Host residents should greet their visitors or guests upon their arrival. Visitors are not allowed unaccompanied in the building. Student bedroom wings are not coed, and visitors of the opposite gender (including family members) are not allowed on the floors to visit or to stay overnight. Overnight guests are not allowed (Italian law for residences) unless they are registered as an official guest of the residence. It is strongly recommended that resident students do not have overnight guests during the last two weeks of the semester due to end of-the-semester final projects and exams.

Students cannot move into their rooms on campus until the specified group-arrival date each semester: Sunday, September 27, 2015 for the fall semester and Sunday, January 31, 2016, for the spring semester. If students are traveling independently and arrive in Rome earlier than the official move-in date, they must arrange for accommodations elsewhere until they are allowed on campus. 

Closing information and procedures are distributed to the students, weeks in advance of their scheduled departure date to ensure a smooth closing of the building and end of the semester. All students must vacate the campus by 10 a.m. of the scheduled departure date (Wednesday, January 20, 2016, for the fall semester and Wednesday, May 18, 2016, for spring semester).

Full-year students may stay at the Bernardi Campus between semesters, although it is highly recommended that they use this break for traveling. Full-year students also should know that the heat is turned down, hot water is at a minimum, and no food service is available during the break between semesters.