Health and Safety

Each resident is given a card key that opens the front gate, front entrance door (by elevator), room, and assigned bathroom. After hours, the card key will open the gate, but once the two entrances are locked, residents will not be able to get in; thus, residents must abide by the building hours. Residents must carry their card key with them at all times. There is a €5.00 fee for a lost card key. Students need to be careful not to get their card demagnetized near cell phones or laptops.

Possession or consumption of alcohol on campus is strictly prohibited, except when served as part of a hosted meal or special event approved by the campus director. Appropriate disciplinary sanctions and a fine will be assessed to the violators.

Smoking is not allowed inside the Bernardi Campus. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard and the rooftop terrace. Use the ash cans provided.

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