Campus Facilities

There are two residential floors – one for men and one for women. The corridor of bedrooms on each floor beyond the entry doors is not coed. This applies at all times. This policy nurtures respect between the men and women who share the entire floor. 
The common-area lounge on the first floor is coed; however, if students violate the quiet/courtesy hours policy or the privacy of the students living on each floor, the Bernardi staff may take away the coed lounge privileges, as well as take disciplinary action against the violators. Only Bernardi Campus staff, faculty or maintenance people accompanied by a staff member will be allowed on both residential floors to respond to an emergency or a maintenance situation, or for cleaning purposes, student check-in/check-out, and health and safety inspections.

A Room Condition Report (RCR) is prepared for eah room by the Bernardi staff. Each student must complete and sign it within 24 hours of move-in to campus. The RCR also will be used at the end of the resident’s term on campus for the staff to record any damage upon the student’s check-out. Any damage found to a student’s room upon checkout will be assessed and charged to the individual’s student account. Students are responsible for cleaning their room, removing trash, and maintaining safe and sanitary conditions. Cleaning supplies are provided, and garbage bins are located at the entry of each floor and in public spaces. A dumpster is located outside the south gate of the building.

Students are not permitted to remove furniture or equipment from their rooms or common areas. All bookshelves in the rooms are anchored to the wall for the safety of the students. Nails, hooks or screws should not be used on the walls. Material may be posted on wardrobe surfaces using proper adhesives. Fishnets, sheets or other flammable items may not be hung in such a way that they create a fire hazard.

Liability charges for damage done in hallways, stairs and all public areas will be levied equally to all students in the hall unless the responsibility is found not to be equal. In this case, disciplinary action will be taken againste violators.

The rooftop terrace is an open-air patio that wraps around Bernardi's entire top floor. It features some rather stunning views of the entire city, from the distant Lateran in the south to the dominant St. Peter's in the west and Piazza del Popolo in the east. The terrace is available for the residents to use from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Residents are expected to be respectful of neighbors by keeping the noise level at a minimum at all times. Residents should take particular care when moving furniture on the terrace as the noise carries to the rooms below.

Use of the computer lab and the Internet is available only to Bernardi student residents and overnight guests. Students are expected to give precedence to those using the computers for academic purposes.

Students should not store personal data on the hard drives in the computer lab or download programs without permission. In order to save energy, students must turn off the computers when they are done using them and turn off lights in the computer lab. No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab. An automatic $15 fine will be charged to the individual’s student account for violations of this policy.

Students are strongly recommended to be cautious of paper consumption when printing in the computer lab. Based on the students’ academic work, they will be provided with enough paper for printing during the semester. Students will be asked to buy their own printing paper if they use more than the designated amount of paper for the semester.

A brand new state of the art semi-professional kitchen has been designed in September 2012 to accommodate and serve students' eating needs. The newly designed kitchen is fully equipped with two big refrigerators,  microwave, two sinks, an electric oven and stove, plus two additional stove stations with two electrical burners each. In addition there is a big exhaust fan and plenty of cupboard and shelf space for students groceries. Students are expected to clean up when done eating and keep their kitchen area clean and sanitary on a daily basis. Students are responsible for cleaning the refrigerators at least once a week. Any food items placed in the refrigerators must be marked with the student’s name and date. Anything that is open and over a week old that has not been marked to be saved will be discarded. The Bernardi staff has the right to lock the kitchen without prior warning, if students do not follow cleaning and sanitary procedures (See posted kitchen guidelines).



Sunday through Thursday the building is locked at 11:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday the building is locked at 2 a.m.

Security cameras are located on campus. Students are expected to stay on campus within the designated building hours. If a student will be absent from campus overnight, written notification and a phone number where the student can be reached in case of emergency must be provided to the campus director at least 24 hours prior. If students are expected to arrive on campus after building hours, they must make arrangements for entry with the campus director at least 24 hours prior. Violation of the building hours will result in disciplinary action

Quiet hours will be enforced in the television lounges after 10:30 p.m. or at the discretion of the staff. All other hours are considered courtesy hours, and residents are expected to adjust their noise levels accordingly. Students are encouraged to first express their noise complaints directly to those causing disturbances. If necessary, discuss noise concerns with the campus director and together come up with an action plan to resolve the situation.

A chapel is on the main floor of the residence. Students must keep in mind that the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the chapel and that others may be praying. Students must be conscientious of this when they are gathering in adjoining rooms. A chaplain is available for spiritual direction to the Bernardi residents and for providing the sacraments, service opportunities and other opportunities for Christian growth. A community Mass takes place once or twice a week. Days and times are to be determined.