Last Updated: September 2012

The Guidebook is the official Bernardi Campus publication for specific policies, procedures, and community standards that apply to Bernardi residents only. An extensive list of the Bernardi policies and procedures are also listed on the campus’ official website . For general guides to the policies, procedures and rules at the University of St. Thomas and living on campus, students should read and refer to the Student Policy Book and Resident Student Handbook of the university. Anyone living in Bernardi, whether a student or an overnight guest is expected to be familiar and have read all the Bernardi regulations provided on-line or on paper.

Pronti, Partenza, Roma!

The purpose of being abroad is to expand your horizons and view our world from a different perspective. Embracing cultural differences will help you gain awareness of how people in other cultures go about their everyday living. Make a positive effort to get acclimated to the Roman culture and environment, mix with the locals, learn some basic language essentials, and take the time to absorb the beauty of a centuries-old civilization. Make Bernardi Campus your home away from home, and accept the challenge of adapting into a new set of community standards, procedures and policies that create that a unique community in the residence. My staff and I look forward to getting to know you.

A presto.

Thanos Zyngas
Bernardi Campus Director

The Bernardi Campus policies are continually being re-examined to reflect the needs and values of our community. As such, the policies and statements are not an irrevocable contract, and the University of St. Thomas reserves the right to modify or cancel any statement in this guidebook at any time.