Make Sure to Bring

It is very important to have a positive attitude once you are in Rome. Realize that a lot of things will be very different from what you are used to back home. This is a study abroad program; you are here to experience a new culture and a new way of living, so make the best out of this experience. Keep in mind that things at Bernardi do not operate the same way as on the St. Paul campus; thus, your collaboration and understanding are greatly appreciated. Be happy and content with what you are given to eat, to live in and to experience.

You will need a lot of patience and strength, especially during your first month while you are in Rome, in order to adapt to the Roman way of life. We will be talking a lot about that during our orientation and throughout the semester.

All the paperwork for your Permesso di Soggiorno (Residence Permit) that Catholic Studies prepared for you including six passport pictures with you (white background). These are separate documents from the paperwork and photos you have to turn in to the Angelicum.

A key chain into which you can insert your key card and not lose it (all rooms/bathrooms and the front gate are card operated). A lost key is €5.00. A key chain that works well would be like the plastic, wallet-type holders that St. Thomas students get when they live in the residence halls, or an ID-holder key chain.

You will accumulate a lot of pocket change, so you may want to buy a little coin holder to keep your change in when you are out and about, besides your wallet or purse. Keep in mind, that at the grocery store and other small shops, you may be asked for the correct change so be sure to have enough pocket change with you.

Favorite movies on DVD

Laundry bag (from Target).
A washcloth.
A small compass (at least for the first month to easily orient yourself and not to get lost in the city).
A three-ring notebook, pens and pencils, although you can buy these in Rome.
iPod or MP3 player, batteries.