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University of St. Thomas-Bernardi Campus 
Lungotevere delle Armi, 16 
00195 Rome, ITALY 

That's the same whether your family sends you something via FedEx, UPS, DHL or the regular post office.

The rooms at Bernardi do not have a direct line, so incoming calls will have to go through a switchboard, and a staff member will connect the caller to your phone extension. Please let your family members and friends know that when they call the campus to be aware of your phone extension, which is simply the same as your room number. If no one answers the main switchboard (particularly during evening hours), a voice mail will come up; the caller can then simply dial the extension of the person he or she is trying to reach. The phone will ring directly to the student's room. We have two phone numbers that you can give out to your family and friends: 06 3260 0548 and 06 3260 0556. If someone is calling from the United States, the prefix is 011 39. Since you all have already received your room assignment, be sure to let your family and friends know of your phone extension.

If you have time, but it is not crucial, you can try to learn the Italian vocabulary words for food items, directions, transportation, numbers and money.

The cheapest way would be to use Skype or Google Talk through your computer to call land lines or cell phones. You can also purchase an international calling card either from the United States or Rome. If you buy an AT&T or any other similar calling card in the United States, be sure that it can be used in Rome to call home. Thanos can help recommend a good calling card to purchase in Rome.

Yes, there is a charge whenever the phone is used, even if it's a local call. Upon arrival at Bernardi, each student receives a code to dial before he or she gets a dial tone. There is no charge to call within Bernardi residence. These charges are recorded by the phone system and billed to a person's student account each month. The only time no phone charges incur is when the student uses the 800 number of his or her calling card to make a local, long distance or international call. 

Is there a fixed charge every month regardless of the amount of calls? 

Is there a charge to the student account when parents call their son or daughter on their calling card?