Rome Guide

‌There is never a dull moment for a student in Rome. In addition to four courses for credit and an Italian class, Bernardians will travel all around the city to experience the sights, tastes and sounds of the Eternal City. Just the walk to the Angelicum will bring you past the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps! And with the help of the Metro system, with a stop just a few blocks from Bernardi, it is easy to see much of Rome over the course of your semester.

Many memories are made right at Bernardi, too. Every week the students come together for Community Night which entails a Holy Hour, Mass, discussion and a three course meal. Throughout the week students can even cook their own meals in the student kitchen and make their own attempts at the Italian cuisine or try to recreate a favorite American dish. With three different lounges, Bernardians can always find a place to unwind after a busy day of learning, praying, exploring, and eating.