Bernardi Campus Facilities

St. Thomas’ Bernardi Campus is located on the west bank of the Tiber River on Lungotevere delle Armi in Rome, Italy. Purchased by St. Thomas in 1999, the Bernardi Campus provides housing to St. Thomas students and others participating in academic and summer programs, and offers accommodations for overnight guests. Situated in the Prati neighborhood, the campus is near both the center of Rome and Vatican City. Originally built as a residential estate in 1923, the building was purchased by an order of Spanish nuns in the 1950s. The building was again completely restored and refurbished in 1999 when it was purchased by the university. There are two residential floors – one for men and one for women. The campus has a variety of room capacities for students – primarily doubles, with a very limited number of triples and singles. For each student, the room has a single bed, desk with desk chair, and wardrobe.

Rooftop Terrace

The rooftop terrace is an open-air patio that wraps around Bernardi's entire top floor. It features some rather stunning views of the entire city, from the distant Lateran in the south to the dominant St. Peter's in the west and Piazza del Popolo in the east. In the warmer months (March-November), the terrace is a favorite gathering place for students, who often come to study, to take pictures of the sunrise or sunset, to hang out, or to play their guitar. The terrace is open to all residents from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., although these times may be extended or limited at the discretion of the staff. Residents are expected to be respectful of neighbors by keeping the noise level at a minimum at all times. 

Rooftop 1 Rooftop 4

Computer Lab & Student Lounge

The Bernardi computer lab is equipped with eight Dell computers, plus a printer. There is also wireless internet available throughout the building. The computer lab is available only to Bernardi student residents and overnight guests. Due to the limited number and performance of campus computers, students are encouraged to bring a laptop of their own for academic work. Students are provided with enough computer paper to last them throughout the semester based on their academic work load. If they run out of paper then students are responsible for buying their own. All computer paper is to be used only for academic purposes and not for personal use, besides your travel itineraries, vouchers, etc.


Chapel (Cappella Luisa e Dante Seghieri)

On Bernardi's main floor, the fine Capella Luisa e Dante Seghieri plays host to a Holy Hour at least daily, the Mass at least weekly, and the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament all the time. Students are expected to treat the chapel with the reverence due any place where the Sacrament is reserved. Residents are especially enjoined to remember that there are often people praying in the chapel, so it behooves them to maintain a respectful volume when gathering in the adjoining salotto or other rooms on the main floor. 



There are two libraries: one on the main floor outside the chapel and the other in the computer lab area lounge. Both libraries offer a wide selection of books on a variety of topics that students may find helpful and useful for their academic work and their experience in Rome. All books in both libraries are organized and divided by topic area and subject (i.e., History and Culture, Philosophy and Theology, Arts and Architecture, Literature, Political and Spiritual Reading, and others) and students are expected to put them back in the order they found them after done using them. In the computer lab area, there is also a large selection of travel books, guides, maps, phrase books and dictionaries for anyone to use, free, provided that materials borrowed are returned in their original condition. These travel tools cover not just Rome and Italy, but every major country and city in Europe. The library is therefore indispensable to students planning trips around Europe during their Christmas or Easter two-week breaks. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

The student kitchen is fully equipped with two big refrigerators, freezer, microwave, sink, stoves and oven, in addition to plenty of cabinet space for student groceries. Because of the amenities of the Bernardi kitchen and the convenience of the Carrefour/Coop/Tuodí grocery stores two blocks from Bernardi, the kitchen is usually crowded around mealtimes.

Students are expected to manually wash and dry all used dishes immediately after finishing with them. No dishes may be taken from the student dining room. Meals may not be taken to student rooms, garden, or other public areas of the building due to sanitary concerns. Students are also expected to help clean the kitchen and dining area on a regular basis. Students are not permitted to use Bernardi's main kitchen and dishwasher room, which is reserved for staff use.

The main dining room is home to every community meal and most of the major community events at Bernardi. It is certainly Bernardi's largest room, and is therefore well-suited to large non-prayer-related gatherings, be they meals, games, study sessions, parties, and other. Its central location between the kitchen, the laundry room, and the computer lab / student lounge guarantees that there's almost always somebody in the Bernardi dining room. 


Bernardi residents stay in reasonably-sized, basically-equipped rooms with a bed, wardrobe, desk, desk chair, and a small bookcase. Students are also provided with bed sheets, a pillow, a blanket and a bath towel that can be exchanged on a weekly basis.

Students are permitted to decorate and otherwise festoon their rooms during the time they are at Bernardi, provided that the room is returned to pristine condition before their departure. Students are further expected to keep their rooms reasonably clean during the semester; brooms and rugs are provided for this purpose. Each room is equipped with several power outlets and wireless internet. The overwhelming majority of student rooms are doubles, but there are a very limited number of triple and single rooms available each semester. With rare exceptions, students will share bathroom and shower facilities with others on their floor.

Without exception, females are housed on one floor and males on the other. It is strictly forbidden for any student to enter the floor that belongs to the opposite sex under all but emergency circumstances. 



The elevator in the residence is a service lift only. It is used by housekeeping staff and should not be used by students except on moving days or for medical reasons.