Knowledge Building

Risk Leadership is a concept emerging from many connected and unconnected fields of study—indeed it could be said that Risk Leadership has the potential to be a unifying concept across subject areas such as compliance, governance, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, resilience, and strategic management. This view does present some challenges, inasmuch as critical research and practice insights arise from many different fields. The intention of our Knowledge Building is to present a review of books, papers, documents, and case studies that we consider to have special relevance to the advancement of Risk Leadership thinking and practice

Risk Management and leadership

Peter C. Young

The focus of this resource is on practical management of risks and integration of risk management into the overall management of government entities. It provides guidance for those in the public sector to understand and apply risk management to their particular work circumstances as well as providing guidance in putting to use the concepts and practices discussed in the book. Case studies, sample mission statements, planning methodology, risk identification tools and techniques are included to help develop and implement risk-management best practices.  

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