University of St. Thomas Partners

Risk Leadership Partners have active roles in teaching within our programs, collaborating with us on research and other learning initiatives, and—in other ways—are active in work we deem to be important.


Peter C. Young, Ph.D.

Professor, Management

Christopher Michaelson

Associate Professor, Ethics and Business Law

Joachim Adenusi

Director of Inspirational Risk/Conrad Clark

Torben Andersen

Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Center for Global Strategic Responsiveness

Prem Chandrani

Professor in Strategy and Finance at S P Jain Institute of Management & Research

Maren Egedorf

Associate Professor, Metropolitan University College, Emergency and Risk Management Program

Kristine Esper Raffel

Group Risk Manager at Copenhagen Airports A/S

Martin Fone

Managing Director, Redwater UK Limited

Andrew Keeling

Director, APAK Consulting Ltd

Jack Kruf

President, PRIMO

Mustafa Omar

Chief Executive Officer of Shelter For Life International

Martin Ludvigsson

Director for International Bachelor program, Accounting and Finance - Linnaeus University