Our vision is to lead on the promotion and development of informed risk thinking in management practice.


The Risk Leadership website serves to support the vision of the Risk Leadership Initiative through:

  • Fostering the creation of a community of individuals with a wide ranging interest in leading in response to risk and uncertainty
  • Providing leadership development opportunities via online learning programs, events, and forums
  • Providing coordination on the development of research related to risk leadership
  • Supporting degree programming in risk leadership and affiliated fields such as Compliance, CSR/Sustainability, Governance, as well as insurance and actuarial science
  • Participating actively in a growing global network of risk leadership partners


Managerial professionals and students throughout the globe with interests and aspirations in risk-related fields find the Opus College of Business, the only internationally accredited business school providing risk-based education, necessary to achieve success across the range of risk-related career fields because of:

  • Its technically trained and professionally equipped teaching-oriented faculty
  • Its appreciation for the interconnectivity of risk-related fields of study and practice, such as risk management, strategic management, corporate compliance, corporate governance, sustainability and resilience, financial risk management, and insurance & actuarial science
  • And its historic commitment to supporting the advancement of managerial and leadership practices to serve not only value creation but the promotion of the common good