Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residence Hall Association (RHA)?

Residence Hall Association serves as a unified voice for residents. We provide an open forum for addressing requests, concerns, and issues while acting as a liaison between residents and the University of St. Thomas.

RHA encourages active participation in campus programs, events and community service opportunities. This develops and enhances residents' enthusiasm, pride, and initiative within our hall communities.

When are RHA Leadership Team meetings held and who can attend?

The meetings are held every Tuesday at 9 PM in the McNeely 100 and usually last 1 hour. Any resident is welcome to attend and we encourage their participation.

How can I join RHA?

Applications for representatives are accepted at the beginning of each academic year

Where is the RHA office located?

It is located in Koch Commons room 108. Come visit!!

How can I contact RHA?

Mail # 5031

Office Phone Number: (651) 962-8851


What are co-op funds?

Co-op funds are sums of money from the RHA budget that are put aside for use by others. These funds are meant for use in programming events.

Who can apply for co-op funds?

Applications are open to anybody putting on a program that is open to any resident living on campus. RHA is more inclined to accept applications from hall associations, as they are directly linked with RHA.