Graduate Hall Director

Graduate Hall Directors, also referred to as Hall Directors, are Graduate Student Assistants (GSAs) enrolled in the Leadership in Student Affairs (LSA) Master's Program at St. Thomas. We have six Hall Directors who oversee various communities on campus and can supervise anywhere from two to eight student staff members (RA/ACs). 

Some of the benefits that come with our Hall Director positions include:
- A fully-furnished apartment within the community you oversee
- A meal plan with multiple dining options
- Indiviudal office space 
- Easy access to public transit, major highways, the MSP airport, and both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul
- Access to a free shuttle to the Minneapolis Campus (where graduate classes are taught)

Check out our 19-20 Recruitment Brochure to learn more about our positions and why our current Graduate Hall Directors enjoy working and studying at St. Thomas.