Grace Hall

Grace Hall is located on south campus houses 135 women on five levels. Built in the early 1900's, the hall was completely remodeled in 1989. Common areas include a service desk, computer lab, study lounge, recreation area, kitchenette, laundry room and recreation and TV area.

Most Grace Hall units are 2-person suites (bedroom and living area) with adjoining bathroom (with two sinks) shared by another suite; some single rooms are available, including all rooms on 5th floor. Bedrooms and living areas range in size from 13.5'-15.5' deep by 7'-9' wide. Provided in each room are two loftable beds, two desks and desk chairs, a dresser and wardrobe.  All furniture is moveable and each suite is carpeted and contains a microwave and refrigerator/freezer unit.  As lofts are provided by the university, no rental of bedlofts are needed.



Floor Plan:

Floor plan diagram of a Grace Hall suite showing a bedroom, living room and bathroom for two individuals.