Women's Halls

Currently there are three halls that are women's only halls for first-year students that also include sophomores and juniors residents. As of Fall 2015, Murray Hall became our first co-ed hall for first-year students.

Beginning Fall 2019, Dowling, Grace and Murray hall will be first-year students only and John Paul II will no longer be a housing option after May 2019.


Dowling Hall, located on north campus, was built in 1958 and houses approximately 475 women.Go here for more information on Dowling Hall

- Dowling


Grace Hall is located on south campus houses 135 women on five levels. Go here for more information on Grace Hall.

- Grace


Murray Hall is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Murray Herrick Hall and houses 69 Co-Ed students in quad rooms.  Go here for more information on Murray Hall

Murray - Murray