Ireland Hall

Ireland Hall, located on north campus, was built in 1912 and is undergoing a major renovations for the incoming residents in the fall of 2019.

The new layout houses 278 men on four levels. Common areas include a service desk, study lounge, computer lab, recreation and TV area, laundry room, classroom, and kitchenette.  All rooms are carpeted.

Ireland Hall has 102 double rooms with 10 single rooms and 27 2-room triples.  There are additionally 8 RAs, and OM, and professional staff member who live in the building.  Each floor has a north and south wing, with a common bathroom in each wing that will be redone as a part of this renovation. Furniture included are desks and desk chairs for each student, shared wardrobe, dresser, and XL Twin beds with mattresses.  Triple rooms are set with a bunk bed set and loft.  Double rooms are provided with two beds that can be bunked or lofted.  Single rooms are all provided lofts.  All furniture is movable.  There are no longer sinks in Ireland Hall rooms after this renovation.  By January of 2020 an elevator will be installed and the main entrance facing East toward the chapel and the first-year residence hall that is being built will be opened.

 This video is from prior to the renovation but gives a general idea of Ireland Hall


Room Layouts:

Historic Ireland Hall provides a wide range of living arrangements. New floor plans and room dimensions acn be found using the links below.  Generally, most double rooms are 14 feet deep by 10 feet wide.  Triple rooms are two rooms, one being 14 feet deep by 10 feet wide and then another that is generally 10 feet by 10 feet.  As with any old building, there are variations in each room and triple room set.

Ireland Dimensions Starting Fall 2019

Floor Plans:

Ireland First Floor

Ireland Second Floor

Ireland Third Floor

Ireland Fourth Floor